What to Do in Prague

Summer fully kicked in and I was very busy – not going to lie – thoroughly enjoying myself for the last couple of weeks. Hope you are having a blast too, making the best out of the warm season! The most notable thing I have done is I have visited my friend in Prague. That in itself would not be so remarkable, although Prague is one of my top 3 favourite places in Europe, BUT it was the first time in five years I have been away (by myself) from my family; I did have the occasional day away but mostly for work related purposes, never just for the fun of it. It felt like utter luxury to be on my own for a few days and the only lesson is I should do it more often. Definitely recharged my batteries.

what to do in prague

On the sad side though, I have lost my phone and all the pretty pictures of Prague along with my contacts and half my life really. It has been a disaster that I am slowly recovering from, but I can still share with you my lovely shopping finds and pretty corners for when you go to Prague – not IF but WHEN, you have to, ok?! And don’t get distracted and lose your phone like I did!

Prague is beautiful and a perfect place to look for crafts. In between trying the cocktail bars (an absolute must) and yummy restaurants – that are rather on the cheap side especially if you are used with UK prices – go get lost on the streets, enjoy the amazing architecture and scour for some unique crafts. Do not compromise and buy the usual crappy fridge magnets you will find on every street corner, but take your time and really look for good quality stuff, it will be an adventure. Continue Reading

Batik Amarillis – Indonesian Fashion with folklorique Flavour

Batik Amarillis is my latest Pinterest discovery. I became instantly interested when I recognized a Hungarian pattern on a pretty 50s cut dress – on a side note, I keep wondering how I survived before Pinterest to keep up with stuff, don’t you?! Visiting the shop I was very surprised to find out Batik Amarillis is actually a clothes label from Jakarta, Indonesia who just takes gorgeous patterns of the world to create cute and ethical fashion.

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Online Artisan Marketplace Review


Hand Painted Tea Kettle

Discovered is an online artisan marketplace where craftsmen from upcoming markets sell their products directly to consumers worldwide by opening their own shops. It is a community connecting artisans and consumers that takes you on a journey around the world from your own home. Discovered currently has six countries on the marketplace: India, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa and Mexico. Their aim is to become really global and be available in all emerging markets and as a first step they will have local teams in 12 countries and start by bringing 10,000 products online.


Wooden Hand Painted Tray

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Summer Giveaway with Gudrun Sjoden

The cool thing about Swedish fashion label Gudrun Sjoden is that it combines pretty, colourful patterns with relaxed cuts and quality, sustainable fabrics to create clothes that are feel good guaranteed. There is no way you can wear a Gudrun Sjoden piece and not feel at ease, free to move and enjoy life. It’s a unique mix, full of character and life, just like Gudrun herself. I love it, can you tell?

Well, the good news is I am going to share the love with you, as Gudrun Sjoden was kind enough to offer my readers a summer giveaway: 3 organic cotton scarves will go to 3 lucky winners who register for the folklorique competition!

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Easy Fabric Printing Project

I just got back from holidays and have lots of exciting projects on my mind. My new interest is in fabric printing, I have lots of ideas of patterns and would like to create my own scarves but that is still a bit wishful thinking, since my skills need massive improvement in terms of sketching and actually translating my vision on fabric.

I read a bit about different methods of fabric printing DIY: screen printing looked complicated and you need all sorts of materials, lino printing also seemed a bit intimidating for a first project (although I am trying my hand at that now, will keep you updated on that) but freezer paper printing seemed  quite ok for a beginner.

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5 Ways to Eco Friendly Jewellery

I recently read an article about gold jewellery that made me think about our jewellery choices and how ethical and eco friendly they are. I am a big believer in making a statement with a unique piece of jewellery and I definitely think fast fashion and jewellery do not belong together. I believe in well chosen, amazing pieces to complement your style, items that are classy, durable, do not go out of style and definitely do not rub their colour on your neck when wearing them – not that I did not buy my very fair share of seasonal, trendy plastic nothings in my young(er) years hehe!

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5 Designer Dresses for Summer 2014

Sun is finally shining AND I am getting ready for a sunny holiday – this inspired me to start looking for some essentials like the perfect dresses for summer. I found a huge selection of summer dresses with various price tags and selected my absolute favourites, split in two different posts, just because there are so many I loved. This will also give you a choice of prices, depending on your budget.

This first selection is designer, comes at some serious price tags, but is so incredibly close to traditional ethnic patterns and motifs, I think you will find it inspiring to say the least.

designer dress for summer 2014

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